Orbiter Beta installation.

Want to know how the next Orbiter release is shaping up? For a peek preview of things to come, download the current Orbiter development snapshot from the official SVN repository at svn://orbiter-forum.com/orbiter.

To get the latest Orbiter binaries, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have a Subversion (SVN) client installed on your computer. A popular one for Windows is Tortoise SVN.
  • Create a directory for your Orbiter beta installation, e.g. c:\orbiter_beta
  • Atlantis deploying HST
  • Check out the latest Orbiter binary snapshot from the repository into your new directory. When using Tortoise SVN, the easiest method is to use the Windows explorer context menu: Navigate into the new directory with an explorer window, right-click, and select SVN Checkout from the menu. In the dialog, select the correct repository URL and checkout directory, and make sure that the HEAD revision is selected.
  • Once you have checked out a snapshot, you can later update it quickly to the latest version: Navigate to the orbiter beta installation directory, right-click and from the context menu select SVN Update.
  • If you prefer, you can also check out and update from the command line:
    svn co svn://orbiter-forum.com/orbiter /orbiter_beta
    svn up /orbiter_beta
  • In 2014, the Orbiter beta SVN repository has been recreated due to an earlier move of the orbiter-forum server. If you have a pre-2014 SVN beta checked out, you cannot get the latest version with an update. Instead, you have to check out a fresh version using the new SVN address.
  • The textures for Earth, Moon and Mars are no longer part of the SVN repository. You have to download them separately from the Texture pack page and unpack them into your Orbiter Beta directory.

About Orbiter betas:

Beta versions are snapshots of the current Orbiter development state. They are generally less stable than the latest release version and may not work with all addons.

Betas are mainly intended for debugging and to allow addon developers to test the compatibility of their code with upcoming releases.

"Normal users" can have fun with them as well, just don't throw away your Orbiter release installation yet!

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