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Le Monde, October 27, 2001: "Un simulateur spatial complet, a mi-chemin entre le realisme et la science fiction..."
FlightXPress, No. 10, October 2001 "Insgesamt ist die bei einem solchen Programm überaus wichtige Anleitung hervorragend umgesetzt. Hier können sich so manche kommerzielle Produkte ein Vorbild nehmen!"
PC Format, August+September 2002 double feature "Fly the Space Shuttle - This is probably as close as you're going to get ..."
PC Pilot, issue 19, November/December 2002 "The visuals are wonderful, especially the view of Earth from space, and the whole launch and re-entry sequences look fabulous."
Computer Pilot, April 2003 "Orbiter is an in-depth simulation, based on complex physics models for space travel, planetary motion and atmospheric effects ..."
Micro Simulateur, August 2003 "Si vous cherchez de nouvelles sensations de pilotage, alors Orbiter est fait pour vous..."
Espace Magazine, March/April 2005 "Orbiter space flight simulator, mettez un vaisseau spatial dans votre PC"
PC Answers, July 2005 "Orbiter 2005 - Take control of a variety of spacecraft in this highly realistic flight simulator."
PC Gamer UK, November 2005 "If you're still reconciling the dream of being an astronaut with the reality of life, then try Orbiter. It's a horrifically detailed simulation of the near-future of space travel."
BBC Sky at Night Magazine, January 2006 (Orbiter 2005 Edition on the cover disc): "Orbiter - Fly to the Moon and play among the stars with this realistic flight simulator. You'll pilot a whole fleet of spacecraft to space stations and the planets."
PC Zone, August 2006: "This freeware spaceflight sim does an astounding job of replicating excactly how I'd imagine space exploration to be: hugely complicated and visually stunning."
Astronomie Heute, October 2006: "Das Computerpgrogramm Orbiter läßt Sie selbst zu den Sternen fliegen - mit realistischen Flugmanövern echter und fiktiver Raumschiffe."
Discover, April 2008: "Orbiter lets users pilot historical and fictional spacecraft around the solar system; options include flying a shuttle resupply mission to the space station and guiding a glider through the hazy skies of Venus."
PC-Simulation, April 2008: (Feature article on AMSO): "Excellent équilibre entre réalisme et facilité d´utilisation. Travail complet et beau! Verdict: Un must."
Micro Simulateur, July 2010 "Ce simulateur de vols spatiaux en freeware est a la fois recreatif et pedagogique. Son objectif initial etail de demontrer que meme des concepts physiques complexes peuvent etre amusants a apprendre, en placant l'utilisateur dans le role d'un pilote de vaisseau spatial."
The Guardian, 2 June 2014 mentions Orbiter in an article entitled What every parent needs to know about video games: a crash course as an excellent space sim [...] that teach children about the basics of aeronautics.
BBC Horizon programme "Ice Station Antarctica", broadcast 10 May 2016. Features Orbiter as part of a long-term training retention research project. The project investigates the amount of training required by astronauts on long-term missions, e.g. to Mars.

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